Strong committees with active membership determine the success of the Friends of Sugar Creek. There are seven committees, each being a distinct entity that is encouraged to work with other committees to efficiently and effectively create value for all stakeholders.

The Advocacy Committee helps protect the health of Sugar Creek. This committee seeks to reduce watershed abuse by monitoring creek activity and testing water quality. Advocacy projects include organized creek clean-ups, storm drain stenciling, and facilitating water quality testing via the Hoosier River Watch program. We are currently developing an a watershed inventory, which includes a water quality monitoring program and a watershed management plan.

The Appreciation Committee promotes the appreciation and accessibility of Sugar Creek. Projects for this group include organizing float trips and fishing activities, developing informative signage at key access points, and highlighting the creek’s natural beauty through photography and newspaper articles.

The Education Committee strives to educate the community about the natural resources and historical significance of Sugar Creek through programs and presentations. Education Committee projects include field day activities for area youth, distribution of publications and DVDs, and joint presentations with other community groups.

The Executive Committee guides the board by organizing efforts and delegating responsibilit. This committee is elected by the board and is composed by three current board members. The Executive Committee also helps retain board members, facilitate active members, creates budget formats, and organizes the annual meeting.

The Fundraising Committee serves to collect both public and private donations to ensure the financial stability of the organization.

The Media Relations Committee disseminates information about Sugar Creek and our organization's projects and events. This committee is responsible for website development, newspaper articles and press releases, publication/brochure production, TV and radio interviews, and providing general information about Sugar Creek.

Organizational Relations
The Organization Relations Committee links FSC with other public and private organizations in order to facilitate collaboration and lobbying activities. This committee unites a community of stakeholders to facilitate the activities of the organization.