Posted Below are news items pertaining to Sugar Creek and its health. Other publications, including our newsletter and documentary, can be selected from the menu on the left. Feel free to post your own articles and comments.

Local newspaper articles about Sugar Creek and water quality:

(10/27/10) Another Bobcat Sighting in Area [Journal Review]
(10/26/10) Volunteers Clean Up Creek Area [Journal Review]
(10/26/10) Cleaning Up the Sugar Creek [The Paper]
(10/12/10) Bobcat Recovered by Local Officers [Journal Review]
(9/7/10) Nature Park Captures State Honor [Journal Review]
(9/3/10) Nature Park Ready for Visitors [Journal Review]
(6/14/10) Canoe Race Has Good Turnout [Journal Review]
(6/12/10) Sugar Creek to Become State Protected [Journal Review]
(6/10/10) 43k Acre Wetland Initiative on Wabash [Tribune Star]
(5/17/10) Rain Garden to Honor Simms [Journal Review]
(4/26/10) Volunteers Spruce Up Sugar Creek [Journal Review]
(3/24/10) Sugar Creek Nature Park Now Open [Journal Review]
(3/22/10) Nature Park Opens Tuesday [Journal Review]
(12/9/09) Musician Watson Returns to C'ville Roots [Journal Review]
(10/1/09) LWV Sponsors Sugar Creek Tour [Journal Review]
(9/29/09) Phenomenal Effort Cleans Nature Park [Journal Review]
(9/25/09) Nucor Donates $5k to Nature Park [Journal Review]
(9/21/09) Schenck Takes Home Leopold Award [Journal Review]
(9/5/09) Memorial Service for Ristine Scheduled [The Paper]
(9/3/09) Sugar Creek Nature Park Gets Grant [Journal Review]
(8/19/09) Ground Broken at Nature Park [Journal Review]
(8/15/09) Landowners Learn How To Make Money [Journal Review]

(8/12/09) Yountsville Mill and Inn Rennovation [Journal Review]
(8/5/09) Mont. Co. Gets New Flood Hazard Maps [Journal Review]
(8/4/09) Bachner Nature Reserve Update [Journal Review]
(7/26/09) Canoes A Perfect Fit For Mullett [Journal Review]
(6/16/09) Sugar Creek Trail Extension Opened [Journal Review]
(4/8/09) Chalmers Designs Nature Park Logo [Journal Review]
(4/7/09) Nature Reserve Dedication April 25 [Journal Review]
(4/7/09) Cain Discusses FSC with LWV [Journal Review]
(3/6/09) Storm Board OKs $516k Budget [The Paper]
(1/20/09) Stormwater Challenges Persist [Journal Review]
(1/16/09) Is Stormwater Department Needed? [The Paper]
(1/16/09) City Struggles With MS4 Project [Journal Review]
(1/3/09) City Moves to Keep Water Clean [Journal Review]
(12/19/08) Community Fund Gives Out Grants [Journal Review]
(12/19/08) City Seeks Ways To Go Green [Journal Review]
(11/3/08) FSC Gets Cleanup Help [Journal Review]
(9/6/08) Sugar Creek the Lifeblood of Mont. Co. [Journal Review]
(4/22/08) FSC Hosts Annual Meeting [Journal Review]
(4/1/08) FSC Celebrates 20 Years [Journal Review]

Watershed and Environmental Issues
(3/29/09) Bacterial Timebomb in Drains and Streams [Guardian]
(2/2/09) Indiana Streams Still Have High Mercury Levels [Star]
(12/14/08) IDEM Drops Enforcement Office [Post-Tribune]
(11/22/08) Farm Chemicals and Frogs [Science News]
(9/10/08) Silent Streams? [Science Daily]
(7/28/08) College Leads $1 Million Eel River Cleanup [IIB]
(7/22/08) Phosphorous Nailed as Culprit [Edmonton Journal]
(6/24/08) Science of Stream Restoration [NY Times]
(10/17/07) America's Greenest States: Indiana #49 [Forbes]
(9/17/07) Fish Quick to Recover From Mercury [ScienceNOW]
(8/22/07) Antiobiotic Resistance From Swine Farms [ScienceDaily]
(5/20/07) Biosolid Use Nothing to 'Pooh-Pooh' [Journal Gazette]
(4/30/07) CAFO Regulations Die Over Impasse [Muncie Star Press]
(3/27/07) Nucor Tops EPA Toxic Release List [Journal Review]
(3/7/07) House OKs $1.7 Billion Clean-Water Bill [AP]