Wayne Ave.

Wayne Avenue continues to get closer to washing into Sugar Creek. Has anyone been to the site. What can we do stop this or can it be stopped. The city continues to ignore the problem, but people in the county want local control. It's time to step up and take control.

Wayne Ave

I bought a home on Wayne ave last year.It is the house in the most danger.I was not aware of the problem when I bought the house.My neighbor told me the day of closing.Is anybody going to do anything?Im trying to contact different agencies.The biggest problem is I have a full time job and its hard for me to get anything going.I can't believe the city does not care I understand there is no money but it would be easier for them to do the phone work to get the wheels rolling.At very least the city let me and my family down knowing about this issue and still allowing this home to be sold.I put a lot money into it and have not started the outside plans and garage due to the fear of losing all.

what is your addresses on

what is your addresses on wayne ave i live at 500 block

Property Tax

City does not want to help but they had no problem taking 3000 in property tax on a one bedroom house.

Wayne Ave

I remember 60years ago when the creek was not cutting into the bank below Wayne Ave. I was told someone poured a concret wall in that area that has caused the creek flow to erode the bank area. Is there any truth to that?
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Concret wall

I have heard something like that too.Allegedly it is a guy on the city council.This very issue may be why the city refuses to talk about it.

Funny thing about this

Funny thing about this situation.I told a friend of the guy who poured the cement wall that is on the city council about how they were not fixing the creek bank refusing to talk about it but still charging me 3000 a year in taxes and that I might sue.My this year 75.00 for the whole year.Hmmm little fishy.That guy should have to tare down that wall.


I talked to the State Engineer for NRCS and he said in a situation like that you need to build out toward the creek. Obviously this needs to be designed by an engineer but it also needs to happen fast and it will be expensive. He stated that the best way for something like this to be funded and happen quickly is for it to be connected to a large rain event. If we experience flooding and can tie the damage to one event then we need to have the Governor declare the site a disaster area. Then the president would have to concur and declare it a disaster. Once that happens FEMA might come in fairly quickly with a lot of money and fix our problem. He mentioned that if there are gas lines, sewer lines, or city water lines that are exposed or close to being exposed that would speed up the process. Basically we need to lay low until the next big rain event and then be ready to jump. I have some contacts of that we can call when this happens.

The erosion is getting really bad

Has there been any new talks about the bank erosion? Suggestion on what my first steps should be.


Any one still involved with this issue now in 2009?Seems all talks stopped in 07.