Record Floods of Sugar Creek

Sugar Creek flooding in Crawfordsville and Montgomery County

(scroll down for historic flood dates)

Impact of water levels:

2.0 Feet
This is normal river level at Crawfordsville.

3.0 Feet
Canoes are rented to experienced canoers only.

4.0 Feet
Water is generally too high for canoeists. There is no canoe rentals above 5.5 feet, but white water rafting may begin.

5.5 Feet
Stream is too dangerous for canoes.

6.0 Feet
Bank full level is reached. Agricultural flooding begins. Low campgrounds flood. Trails in Shades and Turkey Run State Park near Sugar Creek begin to flood.

8.0 Feet
Montgomery County Road 175 E, Rock Ridge river road and other county roads begin to flood. Higher campgrounds begin to flood. Agricultural flooding is in progress.

10.0 Feet
Flooding is in progress along Sugar Creek. Montgomery County Road 175 E, Rock Ridge river Rd and other roads are impassable. Flooding begins north of Sugar Creek along US 231.

11.5 Feet
A mobile home park at Darlington may flood extensively and a few evacuations may be necessary.

12.0 Feet
Residences and SR 234 in northeast Parke County begin to flood. Extensive flooding north of Sugar Creek near US 231 is in progress. Flooding begins on Crawfordsville Power Plant grounds. Extensive agricultural flooding is in progress. Extensive flooding of low areas of Shades and Turkey Run State Parks.

13.0 Feet
Mobile homes extensively flood in a camping area about 1/2 mile upstream of U.S. Highway 136 in the Crawfordsville area.

14.0 Feet
Major flooding is in progress. Evacuations necessary along SR 234 just east of Shades State Park. Buildings at Crawfordsville Power Plant flood. Business and residence just north of Sugar Creek along US 231 flood. Wellhouse at Crawfordsville Power Plant washes away.

16.0 Feet
Near record flooding is in progress.

17.5 Feet
Record flooding. Business and homes flooded. Numerous roads underwater. Water enters Crawfordsville Power Plant.

Historical Flood Crests

(1) 17.3 ft on 03/27/1913
(2) 14.4 ft on 06/28/1957
(3) 13.4 ft on 04/21/1964
(4) 13.19 ft on 12/30/1990
(5) 12.43 ft on 06/12/1998